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"So I’ve been struggling to sleep recently and I train pretty hard most days of the week. I was recommended this company by a friend as it’s a high quality organic CBD product and could help with both those things apparently. To be honest I was a bit dubious as to whether it would help. Whether its this product or not I have been sleeping like a baby and my recovery time has noticeably reduced. I’ve been taking the 10% oil and would definitely recommend this product!"
- Claire Morse 
"It's a bare necessity - For those days when work (I trade volatile currency markets) just keeps going against you and you're trying not to stress - a couple of drops of CBD and it gives you a calm, clear head and helps me sleep at night. I cannot recommend this product enough and it has been well received as gifts for friends and family."
- Kathryn Hargreaves
"I’ve been playing sport all my life and my body really struggles at my ripe old age now. I’m also working long hours in the IT business which can really affect my sleep. This stuff is brilliant and helped me totally relax and reset my body. Definitely recommend it!"
- Paul Matravers
"My husband introduced me to CBD. He swore it helped with his 'man aches & pains'. Needless to say I was dubious but I now seem to be doing more in the afternoons. I used have energy for my chores & shopping etc in the mornings but in the afternoon I seemed to come to a dead stop. By taking CBD I find I feel like doing even more."
- Sian Burden
"I was recommended CBD by a colleague and my only gripe is I wish I’d found it sooner. I used to suffer from sleep anxiety and la bruxomanie. I’ve been using this now for a few weeks and it’s worked a charm. The sustainability credentials of these guys also helps me sleep sounder ;)"
- Drew Von Len

Quality product and really does the trick. Tastes very fresh so to speak! Took me a little while to get used the flavour of these oils but this certainly taste a lot nicer than the stuff at Holland and Barret. I like to take after playing sport to help rebalance and its perfect for that.

- Bertie Morse
So I just went to Ibiza with my friends for my 40th which you can imagine was a heavy one! I took some oil before I went to bed after a heavy drinking session and it really helped me to relax, there was no waking up at 5am feeling awful, I slept right through. I also took it the next day by the pool and was sooooo chilled, I just cant believe this works and there’s no side effects… Its actually good for you! All my friends loved it too. I’ve tried the oil from Holland and Barret and it’s no way near as good as this stuff. This is organic and fresh and really does the job. - Jessica Lask
Great product, would recommend. Thanks for little note inside ;) - Somerset
I have suffered from day time bruxism (grinding teeth and jaw clenching) for over a year; my teeth were being worn away and my jaw was permanently aching. I thought I was destined to have enormous dentist bills and a mouth guard until I was recommended CBD 10% which I took. I did not expect the IMMEDIATE relief and cessation of my jaw clenching. I couldnt believe it.... CBD gives me immediate respite for several hours and I hope it will allow me to break my habit in time. Cant rate it highly enough - a life changer :) - Marie Lawrence
Was really interested in buying a CBD product as I’d read a lot about the benefits. I did a lot of research and came across The London Botanists- as a supplier of a really high quality CBD. The product arrived promptly and very beautifully presented with a hand-written card. I’ve been using the 5% product for almost a week now and have to say I’ve been sleeping like a baby- really restful, deep sleep , which I’d always struggled with before. My body feels very relaxed within moments of taking the drops and a sense of calmness envelops me. I’m looking forward to experiencing the benefits of continuous, more consistent use and when the product is finished I will definitely be “upgrading” to the 10% version. I’m actually thinking this would make a great stocking filler for friends and family at Christmas , as it’s worked so well for me it would be great for loved ones to benefit also . Strongly recommend !! - Trudy Cox 

I was recommended this company by a friend of mine. Firstly, I was impressed by the fact that they do lab testing so I know I’m getting a quality organic product. I was worried by some stories that I’ve heard about all the cheap stuff being full of pesticides so I wanted a reliable company. I work in the city and and this certainly takes the edge off a stressful day.

- Josh Davies
Fab company to deal with and really speedy delivery! - Tabitha 
Really good product. Will definitely be using again. - Matt Wainwright
Having tried a number of different CBD products I can say with confidence that the London Botantists are the best in the business - everything from the packaging + delivery to their company ethos and transparency is a step above what you find in the rest of the industry.

Most importantly, the product works. Since switching to TLB products I feel more centred and tranquil than I had done when using other brands.
- Max Mirams

My first CBD experience and actually can’t recommend it enough..Healthy way to help me relax. Thanks guys! Love the packaging too.

- Mondi
I did a lot of research before trying this product as there has been so much press around CBD and I am so happy I decided to try this brand! Not only do they share all their test reports online but they also use sustainable processes to reduce Co2 emissions. After just a couple of days I feel my anxiety is lower and generally just feel healthier and happier! I've recently upped my gym routine and I'm definitely recovering quicker with less aches and pains. I really look forward to trying some of their other products. - Emma Adamson
Fantastic product! The company are a pleasure to deal with and the service is 5 star! I’m a very happy customer. - Matthew
Great alternative to a glass of wine to take the edge off the end of a stressful day at work. I’ve found this really helps me relax Good quality oil and great packaging. - James Durden
I have begun to use The London Botanists CBD oil to help with a chronic condition. I have found using the oil regularly helps keep the inflammation at bay and I seem to be sleeping better too! The service and delivery from this company has been very good. Thank you. - Julie Wells 
Fantastic oil. This product has really made a positive change to my life. I would fully recommend it. From purchase to delivery the service has been spot on. - David Diamond
I would really recommend this CBD product it has worked wonders for me. - Christian Lawrence
Great company! Nice packaging, nice product. - Gary Johnson
Really Useful. Highly recommend!! - Josh Rees
A very good product. Exceptional service from David; who is thoroughly knowledgeable and learned about this new innovative industry.... Many thanks. - Tom Burrell

The last year I have suffered from anxiety and lack of sleep..
As soon as I started to get the hemp oil that Dave recommended me after couple of days I already felt much better.
Highly recommended!
Easy to carry around..
Much appreciate it!

- Luca

Having suffered from insomnia and anxiety for many years it’s comforting for me that there is a natural product that actually works for me. Lovely packaging, speedy delivery and a high quality product. Thank you!

- Helen Ullmer

As a mother of two toddler, having a quite stressful life and little sleep, Dave from The London Botanicals recommended me this product.
I was very impressed after a few days of use how calmer I felt. I now only take it when I feel like I need or before bedtime if I am particularly stressed. It really helps! 
I found the taste very strong and unpleasant at the beginning but I quickly got used and now I don't mind it at all.
I would highly recommend it to busy mums, give it a shot!

- Sofia

My partner and I had done some research on CBD oils and the health benefits, but were lost as to where to start. After visiting the website here and reading about the quality of both the products themselves and the service we took the leap and have never looked back. We have both had improved sleep and general well being since taking just the 5% twice a day. The customer service and quality of these products are outstanding. If you have considered trying CBD products but just aren’t sure, I would say do it,
You won’t regret it.

- Maggie

I have been researching CBD oil and it effects for mental health for some time. All these things seem like a great idea but in reality you are worried to take the plunge. Dave from The London Botanicals really helped me make an educated decision on the product and wether it was right for me and how it would effect me. I felt very confident of what I was getting into and had great knowledge on hand. I bloody love the stuff, its my go to when I am anxious, not feeling positive or cant sleep. It calms me and brings rationality back to my brain. Big big thanks guys!
Also the packaging is beautiful and speedy delivery, whats not to love.

- Poppy Ward

I had heard and read about the benefits of CBD but i was a bit apprehensive about using it... After contacting the company, Chloe was extremely helpful in answering my questions. She really helped me understand the benefits of the product and how and when to use it. All apprehension has gone and it's now part of my daily routine.

- Jessica Guy

Absolutely fantastic product. I like the fact I don’t have to put this under my tongue and it actually tastes great unlike most CBD oils. My mum has now been able to have this with her tea as she refused to even try the oils.

- Karim Abdelghani

I have had problems with inlammation in my shoulder and have used various painkillers, topical creams and therapies such as acupuncture.
The best results to date have come from the CBD oil.
I have only just started using it for the first time this week and the oil worked a treat reducing pain, and more importantly, I was able to sleep 8 hours straight without waking up from pain for the first time in years!
Thank you, London Botanists!!

- Ella

Fantastic product! The company are a pleasure to deal with and the service is 5 star! I’m a very happy customer.

- Matthew
Was a slight cynic about CBD oil but tried it after a recommendation. Leading a hectic life - working long hours, at the gym a lot and also socialising means that I rarely relax and am often feeling anxious, stressed and in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Taking CBD oil has massively helped relax me in a totally natural way. Feel much calmer and chilled but still ‘me’. Also it has massively helped with my sleep. And general energy levels. Friends who have tried it have also noticed the difference. So pleased that I’ve discovered this product. -Rashad Braimah