The acceptance of Cannabis in order to support health is a relatively new phenomenon

And with this comes a number of unknowns as to what makes a good, safe cannabis related product to buy. Below is a guide of what to look out for: 


Cannabis (hemp) is a wonderful crop as it draws impurities out of the soil, leaving behind high quality soil ready for the next crop. If this hemp is used to create CBD oil, all of the impurities it drew out of the soil will be present in the CBD oil. Therefore, it is important to buy CBD from farms that have high quality, pure soil to start with. We are constantly working with our farms to ensure they employ high quality, pesticide free, organic farming techniques, resulting in the purest form of CBD possible.


An article published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, found that 70% of sampled CBD products were incorrectly labelled; some under representing the levels of CBD, others over stating the levels. In order to give you comfort in the knowledge that we are providing an authentic CBD oil that is correctly labelled, our CBD is tested by third party independent laboratories. These reports can be found within the ‘Laboratory Reports’ section of this website.


Although we sell our product online, we are real people behind the computer screen. We are passionate about the benefits of CBD and love to share our knowledge. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.