The London Botanists

CBD Cocktail gift set


The perfect present for CBD and cocktail enthusiasts! This gift set contains the essentials for creating exceptional CBD cocktails: a traditional 18/8 cocktail shaker, our CBD Cocktail recipe book and CBD syrup.


1. CBD cocktail recipe book. 

Highly illustrated with recipes created by London's finest bartenders sharing their secrets on how to create exceptional cocktails using CBD- including vegan and non-alcoholic cocktails. Explore the bars, cafes and chocolatiers of London that are pushing boundaries with their CBD creations; This book will guide you through the very best CBD cocktails with easy to follow recipes to recreate at home and share with friends and family. 

2. CBD syrup.

Created from a blend of carefully selected pure ingredients, this syrup has been designed so that it can be added to drinks without losing any of the CBD's benefits. This syrup is popular thanks to its sweeter, lighter taste and, due to its high levels of bioavailability, it is very effective.  

3. Classic cocktail shaker

We love the classic design of this cocktail shaker. Made from professional, 18/8 grade stainless steel, as used by bartenders. Highly durable and essential equipment for any mixologist.

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