Using legal cannabis products, such as hemp, is good for your health and the environment too. Cannabis is a versatile quality raw material, but most importantly it is a sustainable raw material. When grown in areas of soil contamination, hemp actively draws the impurities out of the soil, leaving behind soil that has been purified, ready for the next crop. It also has a short growth cycle, meaning that the yield of hemp is higher than that of other common raw materials.

Below are some amazing hemp products that we have tried, tested and love that can be swapped into your daily routine. 

1.  Good Hemp Unsweetened Simply Delicious

We think it is a totally delicious milk substitute- creamy and slightly nutty. It can be used in tea and coffee, cereal or any other normal milk use. Two glasses gives all of the omega 3 you need each day and is full of omegas and enriched with calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D

2. Hemp Butter from Sun and Seed

Sun & Seed raw hemp seed butter is created using specially made milling stones. It is a slow and careful low-temperature process which ensures that all the nutritional value and benefits are preserved

3. Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment from Purepotions

Developed by Natalie as an emollient for her daughter’s highly sensitive skin when dry skin treatments recommended by her daughter's doctor did not work. It is a great every day moisturiser and can also be used to target immediate flare ups.   

4. Hemp Soap On a Rope from The Body Shop

The soap classic- non-drying, sensitive cleansing soap for dry skin, with moisturising hemp seed oil.

5. Mens' shorts from Yogafish

The PrAna Vaha short are perfect for Pilates/Yoga practice but also look good enough for general day to day relaxed wear. Made from a sustainable blend of soft hemp, recycled poly, and Lycra.

6. T-shirts from COS

In true COS minimal style, this T-shirt is made from lightly textured hemp fabric.


7. Hemp paper from Green Field Paper Company

Letters written on this paper feel so much more luxurious. The paper is created using North American grown hemp, resulting in a premium quality paper with an elegant laid finish.

8. Yoga mat from KhaliKhutta

Not the cheapest of mats, but is a worthwhile investment as it feels amazing to use and will last. We love these because they are hand made from a hemp-cotton mix resulting in a mat that looks good, feels good and does good.

9. Dog toy from Otter Company

This toy looks great and is naturally very durable thanks to its hemp make-up. It is free of herbicides and pesticides and is naturally mould and mildew resistant so nothing nasty will pass on to your dog when she is chewing it.

10. Bedding from La Redoute

Lovely lightweight, fresh bedding made from hemp. The eco-friendly fabric has anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties making it an ideal choice for bedsheets. We also love it's understated earthy tones.