How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

It feels like Corona virus has taken over our lives at the moment, and many of us are turning to healthy, natural remedies to help ward off stress and anxiety. If you haven’t used CBD before, you might be wondering ‘how much should I take?’ Even if you have, you might be unsure if you’re taking the right dose. Hopefully we can answer some of your questions.

Remember: if you’re on prescribed medication, speak to your doctor before taking CBD. We don’t recommend CBD if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18.

One size doesn’t fit all

Everybody is different, and everybody (and every body) reacts differently to CBD (and other cannabinoids). How your finely-tuned endocannabinoid system interacts with plant-based cannabinoids (like CBD) is different from person to person. Some people feel the effects straight away. Others gradually get the benefits over time while, for some, it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. A customer of ours bought a bottle from us but it did nothing at first. She persisted for a month and suddenly found it was working for her. She told us it conquered her fear of flying but that could’ve been coincidental.

What the regulators say

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently-published advice on CBD advised people to limit intake to 70mg per day. Previously the European Industrial Hemp Association had put the upper limit at 200mg, partly based on clinical studies that find that pharmacological activity is not seen in doses under 200mg, so some observers think the FSA ruling is overly draconian.

While the FSA say stick to a daily limit of 70mg and the EIHA and clinical studies say 200mg, it’s worth noting that the US Current Drug Safety journal found the toxic dose of CBD is around 20,000mg in a short period of time.

CBD Oil strength

CBD is one of over 113 Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant, all with their own health benefits. Combined together (as in the Full Spectrum oils we sell), they contribute to an overall feeling of wellness: the ‘entourage effect’.

Natural (Full Spectrum) oils tend to have lower concentrations of CBD, normally up to 15%. While it’s possible to get higher concentrations (by refining the plant and formulating the oil), these processes reduce the other cannabinoids and so can reduce the overall health benefit.

How much? When?

Some people take CBD 2-3 times a day to help with things like chronic pain management. Others take it once a week before that stressful meeting.

It’s all about starting gently and seeing what works for you. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you take 5 drops of our 5% CBD oil 3 times a day you will be consuming just under 40mg of CBD – well underneath the FSA daily limit and far below the 200mg found in clinical studies. And with our independent lab testing, you can be sure you’re in control of your dose.

Play around, start off small and you’ll soon out what suits you best.