CBD + cocktails: What you need to know

Why CBD cocktails? A few reasons, really. Not drinking? No problem. Choose a non-alcoholic version (my personal preference) and you’ll still feel like you’re joining the party, without all that booze in your system. It’s also a great option for the designated drivers among us, since it doesn’t affect our ability to drive. If you read last month’s newsletter you might also remember we discussed the link between CBD and sleep quality, and how CBD can help deliver a restful night’s sleep. Those benefits mean drinkers preferring alcohol-based tipples can add a few drops of CBD to improve their sleep after drinking (since we all know a bad night’s sleep is half the hangover). Happier hangovers? Where do we sign up?



A grassy, minty & refreshing taste from the land of the rising sun.


White rum............... 40ml
Creme de peach..... 20ml
Shiso leaves........... 3
CBD Syrup............. 1 pump
Lime Juice............. 20ml
Vegan Honea*........ 10ml
Crushed Ice...........1 scoop


Add all ingredients to a highball glass, leaving one shiso leaf for garnishing.  Add a scoop of crushed ice and churn with a mixing spoon.  Top with more crushed ice and garnish with a shiso leaf.


Popular in Japanese cuisine the shiso leaf is from the mint family. It is sometimes known as "Beefsteak Plant" in the West, due to its purple-leaved variants. Shiso has a unique flavour, it is quite pungent, grassy and contains strong flavours of spearmint, basil, anise and cinnamon.

*Honea is a bee-less, vegan honey substitute but you can use honey instead.


p.s. Want to give the gift of CBD cocktails? Keep an eye out for our CBD cocktail gift set on our website next month.