CBD Supper Club

On 2nd May 2019 Macaroni Liberation Front will treat guests to East London’s first CBD Supper Club. Guests will experience a vegan friendly four course dinner exploring CBD, the miracle compound that does not produce a high.

The night is designed for the CBD curious and foodies who want to experience something a little creative, intimate and adventurous outside the normal supper club set up.

You can expect an insight into the world of CBD with guest speakers from The London Botanists and Ohana CBD; an inspired menu created by the talented chefs at Macaroni Liberation Front, infused with The London Botanists’ CBD all finished off with delicious brownies provided by Milly’s bakes.

Date: 02.05.2019

Time: 18.30

Place: Macaroni Liberation Front, Dalston Square, London E8 3BQ

Tickets: £30

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*Please note that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding then we advise that you do not take CBD.