Our Latest Arrivals

Hello friends,

How are you doing? I hope you’re keeping as well as can be and enjoying the last of the summer sun as the weather begins to turn. I read a quote recently that described autumn as ‘the season to find contentment at home, by paying attention to what we already have’. I thought that described the autumn months perfectly and felt rather apt – after all, it’s something many of us are probably getting quite good at by now, thanks to the strange summer we’ve faced. Hopefully as you’re reading this, you’re tucked up somewhere cosy with a soothing cup of something warm (and perhaps a square or two of our chocolate).

I’m certainly looking forward to spending a little more time at home again as the weather cools, enjoying the fruits of our recent labour. This summer, I’ve been spending time on our skincare collection, which I’m excited to finally share with you. Because we believe in simplicity, our CBD products are all created using minimal, organic ingredients from natural, sustainable sources - and that now includes our skincare, too. Crafted with the utmost care, the products we’ve been lovingly finessing for you are our beautiful Rosehip and CBD Organic Sensitive Skin Balm, along with our Arnica and CBD Organic Muscle Oil. Both smell and feel heavenly and really reflect that slower pace of life, connected with nature, that we’ve been enjoying of late. I hope you’re able to carve out a sliver of time to appreciate them, and can’t wait to hear what you think.

We’ve also been quietly tinkering away on our much-loved chocolate bars too. Forget mass-produced, tasteless production lines - our milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars (from Venezuela and Ecuador respectively) are handmade in small batches in London from single-origin chocolate and infused with our premium, full-spectrum CBD. We use the freshest ingredients we can find for that full-bodied, satisfying taste, making them our favourite way to step away from everyday noise and really enjoy some of that all-important, restorative ‘me’ time.  

As the seasons change, I’ve also been thinking about SAD this month, too. Short for Seasonal Affective Disorder, you might be familiar with it – it’s a form of depression or low mood often known as ‘winter depression’. Many people suffer during the winter, lacking energy and losing interest in the things we usually take pleasure in, as well as sometimes experiencing disturbed sleep, too. Research indicates CBD could be a lifeline, since it can target the brain’s serotonin receptors (studies suggest people with SAD regulate serotonin differently, which is responsible for feelings of sadness or depression). We also know CBD can have a positive impact on anxiety, stress and insomnia too, so if you’re struggling, I’d urge you to try it. And please, let me know how you get on!

I’ll sign off now with a few of my favourite autumnal joys. I hope they bring you a little lift too, if you so need it… 

  1. Slow cooking. From lovingly slow-cooked beef stews to comforting veggie chillis and spicy curries, I’m permanently glued to my slow-cooker once summer bids us farewell. Please share your favourite recipes with me, I’d love to hear them.
  1. Shinrin-yoku. The Japanese word for ‘forest bathing’ has been around since the eighties – it’s the art of embracing nature and soaking up the peace and tranquillity it offers. The best part? Anyone can do it, and you don’t need fancy gadgets (in fact, they’re actively discouraged).
  1. Star-gazing. The next time the night sky is clear enough, head outside and find a slice of sky to stare up into. In fact, September 2nd is our next full moon - often known as the ‘harvest moon’ since farmers would use the moon’s light to harvest their crops. Try it and see what makes itself known…?


Chloe x