October 2019

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Chloe here. Each month, I’ll be giving you an update you on our latest news and recommendations - as well as sharing a little feedback from happy customers - and look forward to keeping in touch and hearing from you, too.

This month’s newsletter is about something we could probably all do with a little more of - sleep. Did you know almost three-quarters of Brits sleep less than seven hours per night? Not great, since it’s recommended we all get at least eight…

One person we’ve been helping get some shut-eye is ex-rugby player and founder of The Strength Temple, Richie Norton. Richie has been taking our CBD (that stands for Cannabidiol, FYI) to help him drift off (since studies show it can help). His verdict? “The whole CBD world is really interesting me, but because it’s a minefield with so much going on, I did some investigation. TLB not only have a really friendly service, but they also have a really great product that works.” Thanks Richie!

Some of you might already be familiar with the brilliant Tony Riddle, AKA The Natural Lifestylist (people call him ‘Mr Barefoot’). Here at TLB we’ve been following Tony – and his barefoot running – for a while and love his ethos, which is all about realigning with nature. His latest challenge? Running the length of the UK barefoot (that’s around 900 miles) raising awareness around sustainability. Tony told us he’d be using our CBD oil for recovery, which he’ll be needing very soon – by the time you read this, he’ll have completed his goal. Impressed? It’s not too late to sponsor him here. Or at least buy the guy a drink…

Want to know how CBD can impact your sleep? Here’s a few lines from somebody who tested it out...

Catherine Fieldhouse, 36, runs wellness subscription box, Natural Wellness Box
“I was falling asleep quicker, and staying asleep for longer, too.”

“As well as running my own business, I’m a full-time mum which means life can be hectic. My husband was actually the one who got me onto CBD a few months ago, buying me some as he’d heard it might alleviate PMS symptoms (I’d been suffering badly). I started with a small amount underneath my tongue before going to bed, and gradually built up to a larger dose over a period of a few weeks. Almost immediately, I noticed my sleep improving – not only was I falling asleep quicker (which hadn’t happened in years) but I was sleeping for longer, and felt less agitated and snappy when I woke. Personally, I found it really effective for period cramps and back pain too, at certain times of the month. Now, you can’t stop me recommending it to others in the same boat – I swear it’s changed my sleep routine for the better.”

The London Botanists Recommend

A few things we’ve been enjoying this month…

The Lumie Wake-Up Light
As the days get darker, our risk of suffering from SAD (that’s Seasonal Affective Disorder) rises. Lumie’s newest wake-up light, the Bodyclock Luxe mimics the light of a real sunrise (there’s a sunset for night time too, as well as low blue light settings) and helps regulate our sleep-wake cycles. Studies show it can help boost mood, energy and productivity, and clearly we’re in good company since the British Swimming team love theirs, too.

Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist
This clever number is a smart blend of 14 of dreamy essential oils, including lavender, chamomile and patchouli designed to send you to Slumberville. I spritz a little on my pillow before bed for a heavenly night’s sleep (and it lasts ages, too).

Chuckling Goat kefir
Before the Christmas madness (read: all that alcohol...) hits, we’re giving our guts a little TLC. Chuckling Goat make award-winning goats milk kefir and kefir skincare on a family farm in Wales (cows milk contains A1 casein, which can inflame the gut). The taste took a /little/ getting used to, but we’re sticking with it for those gut-boosting benefits. Brave enough to join?

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