November 2019

Hello friends,

Chloe here. As the clocks turn back and talk of Christmas rears its head, we’re feeling celebratory. And there’s good reason, since this month we’re launching our very first book! ‘CBD Cocktails’ is our guide to the very best CBD cocktail recipes, along with details of where to find them and how to make them at home. We’ve curated a selection of restaurants, bars and cafés (and a chocolatier too!) as well as working closely with bartenders to devise some delicious recipes. It features some of our favourite places, including Hicce, The Breakast Club and The Spread Eagle, which all stock our CBD - the perfect stocking-filler for any cocktail fan, we reckon.

Why CBD cocktails? A few reasons, really. Not drinking? No problem. Choose a non-alcoholic version (my personal preference) and you’ll still feel like you’re joining the party, without all that booze in your system. It’s also a great option for the designated drivers among us, since it doesn’t affect our ability to drive. If you read last month’s newsletter you might also remember we discussed the link between CBD and sleep quality, and how CBD can help deliver a restful night’s sleep. Those benefits mean drinkers preferring alcohol-based tipples can add a few drops of CBD to improve their sleep after drinking (since we all know a bad night’s sleep is half the hangover). Happier hangovers? Where do we sign up?

Want to know how CBD works with cocktails? We spoke to an expert...

“CBD cocktails make you feel calm and mellow”

“I’ve definitely noticed a rise in CBD being used as a cocktail ingredient in recent months,” explains drinks expert Michael Stringer, of Blackleaf Events, who works with drinks brands like Courvoisier, Roku Gin and Toki Whisky. “The versatility of the product helps because creative mixologists can use CBD in several ways, such as an oil, tincture, infusion or teas. The flavour profile of CBD is quite earthy and plant-like, which adds a really pleasant complexity to certain cocktails, working particularly well with the botanical flavours in gin and vermouth-based drinks. CBD provides a new kind of feeling over a standard cocktail. After a couple of drinks, you should find yourself feeling calm and mellow. One key concept for me with CBD is blending it with the trend of low and non-alcoholic drinks. You can add CBD to a low ABV or non-alcoholic cocktail, enjoy two or three drinks and feel the CBD effects, but still wake up fresh.”

Want to give the gift of CBD cocktails? Keep an eye out for our CBD cocktail gift set on our website next month…

The London Botanists Recommend

A few things we’ve been enjoying this month…

Pink noise
You’ve heard of white noise (think: a whirring fan or crackling static) but what about pink? A deeper, more intense sound (like rustling leaves, wind or rain) fans of pink noise say it’s less annoying than white and we’re tempted to agree. Researchers have found it reduces brain waves, which can help improve sleep. Try the NoiseZ: Soothing Sleep Sounds app, we’re big fans.

Research shows napping can be as effective at lowering blood pressure as cutting out salt. That’s our weekend plans out the window, then…

Purple Kush
One of our favourite cocktails from the book, this mojito-based method replaces mint leaves with Shiso, which adds a light touch of warming spice. Popular in Japanese cuisine, the Shiso leaf is sometimes known as "Beefsteak Plant" due to its purple-leaved variants and is quite pungent and grassy, with a strong mint flavour. Check out the recipe here.

Chloe x