How to create a cosy winter

Has anyone else noticed the gentle shift in temperature this week? I’ve found myself reaching for chunkier knits and cosy layers, hunting down my softest blankets, ready for the cooler months ahead. Kissing goodbye to those sun-dappled summer days felt strangely poignant to me. After months indoors, it really was the summer many of us had hoped for, allowing us to soak up nature and readjust to normality again, with those closest to us. Now with the nights drawing in and the days becoming shorter, it’s hardly a surprise so many of us are already feeling pangs of nostalgia.


Personally, I’m trying my best to embrace autumn and all it brings with it. The Danish seem to have the hang of it, with ‘Hygge’. You see, while the days might be cooler, we can still embrace the change, beckoning in warmth in different ways. For me, that’s by heating up warm, hearty soups and slow-cooked stews and cradling deliciously warm teas made with fiery spices like ginger, clove and cinnamon. And when the sun no longer streams in brightly through the windows, I’ll turn to homely lighting instead – choosing gently-dimmed lamps, softly-flickering candles and the comforting ember glow of an open fire.

I’ll try to move in different ways, too - hanging up my running gear and turning to warm, fast-flowing Vinyasa yoga flows at home (with the odd bracing dip in the sea, followed by lashings of tea – a helpful way to remind yourself what warmth really feels like…). There are other practises that help us embrace our body’s own warmth too, like the ancient meditation technique, Tummo, which means ‘inner fire’. It’s a combination of breathing and visualisation techniques used to increase our inner heat (another technique is Wim Hof’s breathing method – worth exploring if only to harness the power behind a cold shower).

 If you ask me, I think it’s worth being a little kinder to ourselves as the days get cooler and darker, too. The arrival of sharp winds and indoor heating might mean taking a little more care of our skin for example (our CBD & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Balm is especially soothing for this time of year). I also like to treat myself to a little more ‘me’ time when the temperature cools, hunkering down with cosy knits and layers and practising more solitude than normal when I can (think snuggling down with a well-thumbed book, or an invigorating amble in nature).


Here are a few other ways I plan on bringing a little warmth back into my life this month….


Tea breaks. When life feels hectic, sometimes the tiniest things can ease us back into a sense of structure and normality. For me, that’s tea. A word of advice though – don’t be tempted to add a few drops of CBD to your tea, since the oil and water won’t find each other agreeable. Instead, enjoy a few drops under your tongue before or after your favourite warming drink (I’m hankering after the bitterness of green tea with a little lemon). Or better still, enjoy a few chunks of our lovingly handmade CBD dark chocolate. Perfect.


Massage. You probably don’t need an excuse to ask your nearest and dearest for a massage, but if you do? Our CBD & Arnica Organic Muscle Oil is probably it. You’ll feel like you’re floating afterwards, promise.


Long baths. Is there any better feeling than returning home on a cold evening to a warm bath? Try combining a few drops of your favourite essential oils (I love lavender and rose) with a carrier oil, like coconut or olive oil, for the ultimate in relaxation. And if you can summon up the strength, dry body-brushing beforehand will give your circulation a lovely, warming boost (and leave skin glowing, too).


Here’s to embracing change and welcoming in the seasons,


Love Chloe x