Change is the Only Constant in Life

Hello Friends, 

I’m writing this in anticipation of change – you might be feeling similarly nervous, braced for schools and workplaces reopening as life begins to crank back into gear once again. I suppose we should be used to change, after the last 18 months. After all, change - as they say - is the only constant we have. But if the idea of things shifting again – in whatever form that takes for you - feels a little unsettling and if perhaps you’re struggling to adjust to new routines, expectations and demands, then here are a few thoughts and ideas that might prove useful...

Change is often cited as one of the biggest causes of stress, especially when we lack the resources to handle it. If we’re capable of managing change – like a new job, or moving house, for example – we tend to react positively, or perhaps we don’t even react at all. But when we can’t handle it, our bodies experience a psychological and physiological stress response, which can make life incredibly difficult. This could show up for you in different ways – anything from headaches and sleeplessness to muscle pain, stomach issues and general anxiety. How we feel when we’re stressed varies wildly – for me, it’s usually an inability to focus, a sense of helplessness and general overwhelm (sounding familiar to you, too?).

So, what can we do about it? The best way to handle stress is often very different for all of us but for me, it means incorporating tools like regular physical activity – in whatever form I’m leaning towards – and relaxation techniques like mindfulness, yoga and massage into my daily routine, as much as possible. It’s spending time with loved ones who nourish and soothe, and ensuring I’ve set aside time to nurture myself in other ways too. Like a restful bath with my favourite salts and oils, or cooking a comforting meal with a calming soundtrack humming away in the background, candles gently flickering.

The other essential in my toolkit might not surprise you. Plenty of studies have shown the positive effects CBD can have on stress and anxiety and I turn to it whenever I’m feeling unsettled or in need of a little grounding. My preferred way to take it is as a tincture – just add a few drops under the tongue before swallowing (you could use it topically, too – our CBD and arnica organic muscle oil is beautiful for self-massage each morning or night). However you take it, try to use the highest quality CBD you can find – ours is from farms with the highest standards in ethical and organic farming techniques, made with gentle extraction. Aim to tune into your body when you take it too, really noticing how you feel before and after. I’d love to know if you find it as beneficial as I do.
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Here are a few other ways I’ve enjoyed grounding myself this month….

Embracing play. Reconnecting with your inner child is the fastest way to feel free and ditch – at least temporarily – those responsibilities weighing you down. I think so anyway. Play. Be childlike. Rediscover fun in whatever form you find it – chase butterflies, skip down the road and enjoy the delicious sensation of leaves crunching underfoot, just like you did as a child.

Penning a note. Anxiety is often described as ‘a fear of the future’ which is why I find writing a letter to my future self about what’s happening so helpful for perspective. It’s a way of reminding yourself ‘this too will pass’. Whether you actually send it or not of course, is up to you…

Mixing things up. Make change feel less threatening by embracing it wherever you can. Walk a different way to the shops tomorrow. Hold your bag on the other side of your body. Wear the perfume you never wear. Sometimes doing the tiniest things differently can have a big shift on the way we feel – and how we act as a result. Try it out, and let me know?

Here’s to embracing the unknown,

Love Chloe x